These are some common questions we have been asked, nevertheless if you have any further questions what we can or we can’t do; or maybe you might want to tells us what would absolutely help you improve your procurement and sales, please contact us, we will respond quickly to your questions or inquiry.

Does your Business offer start to end solution?

For Distributors who need to simplify their procurement process: Our full range of sourcing services includes manufacturing capacity management, customization, price optimization, contracting and document ready manufacturing, brokerage and customs compliance assurance, and follow up until you are completely satisfy.

For Manufacturers we offer representation, clear communication, compliance readiness and negociation.

Do you export and import only for the healthcare industry?

Healthcare industries have been adding more value to their services and are now more focused in wellness services which includes Nutraceuticals, and Health and Beauty products; therefore we don’t only focus on medical devices, hospital and clinician supplies, but we also have been adding too more value to the natural products and wellness.

We offer brokerage help to those clients who prefer not to do so themselves. For this we charge a 13% of the total costs of the goods delivered, and any additional custom fees.

Do you have customer service?

Of course! Our team is knowledgeable customer services experience and interested in helping every healthcare procurement some relief in the supply chain management. We are here to answer to your questions and inquiries promptly to your manufacturing needs. .