Does MGD businesses offer start to end procurement solutions?

Med Global Dist. does not offer IT business solutions for the procurement at any tier; however MDG could provide solutions for the connectivity and insight for decision making in the procurement of OME in the value chain. For connecting and data sharing please contact us as we do offer the capabilities of inclusiveness in the collaboration of connecting your business to your locations data services. We offer insight for companies already in a data driven procurement processes to gain information on sustainable smart city projects; such information we might be able to provide will optimize your market search and logistics.

Do you export and import only for the healthcare industry?

We project models for a healthcare and their industries. In general, businesses in the value chain of healthcare distribution of goods and services have been adding more value to their services and general access to health products is now more focused in wellness services which includes Nutraceuticals, software solutions, digital diagnosis and more.. Health and Beauty products and a variety of mobility products can be seen in their OEM tiers which are not our main focus; but on the data traffic of hospitals and diverse clinics. . Therefore we don’t only focus on medical devices, but our intentions are to provide procurement of hospital and clinicians with an insight in demand for their supplies, and impacting a wide range of organizations in the value chain of the healthcare sector.

Do you have customer service?

We are available by appointment. Med Global Distributors (MGD) is a new project for progressive development of Smart Cities and the leading person is the director in turn. Please contact Med Global at the main phone line in the bottom of the page or fill out your information in the ‘contact us’ button below and someone will get back to you as soon as possible.