Stress Free Procurement Service

Why we offer a stress free service? It is as simple as distributing your procurement workload instead of preparing your RFI to find the perfect match to your procurement needs, We will locate them for you ready for negotiation. Besides gathering the information from different suppliers, we can customize a product faster than any manufacturer itself to improve your RFT and your RFQ. We provide quality for Healthcare industry specific needs.

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Manufacture Cert Ready

A solution for manufacturers looking to place their unique products to fulfil a need where is most in demand in the market. Guarantee representation during the negotiation process if RFT are approved.

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Rethink The Supply Chain

Finding the right suppliers across the globe, and building a supplier relationship, relais ,mainly in the trust and reliance of products and services of world class standards and to a greater extent, to the policies and requirements of international organizations, and let us not forget, it needs to be in compliance with the importer’s country.

Managing timely all the processes is always time consuming, and it involves a higher risk of the negotiation. The craftily handling of contingency becomes a task, almost to the point of a burden, in the procurement management process.

We would like to open source to reduce the time and risk of negotiations, which usually poses traditional barriers in the negotiation process, which reduces the flow in the supply chain. There is a need to improve the supply chain, and that is removing the barriers to enable accurate, faster and safer negotiation process that will allow the supply chain to automate itself, to use less human intervention and allow management to focus in quality and market needs.

A new advanced market is taking place in the supply chain of every industry, unsophisticated processes are being implemented to survive the future of our technological changes of the time. But most are focused in centralized sectors and not linked or interconnected among the main stream of our economic gear.

The blockchain today is advancing and wants to provide many different industries the most needed security, efficiency and scalability for future ,market placement. Not embracing these changes, will certainly impact our ecosystem of economy and weaken it, affecting many industries, which by default create setbacks in future market share, affect sustainability and scalability.

The blockchain offers a faster and safer contract solution by using a tokenized transactions to safely interconnect the entire industry, From the way we manage our procurement and interact with our suppliers supplier, to every governmental processes to allow safe international trades, and all the way to the end consumer of our healthcare around the globe.

Our global need for better quality, becomes at the same time an environmental challenge. While the need for sustainability becomes also an inventory cost challenge,

Taking a shortcut to your market with our hub zone, will help in reducing unnecessary costs and ultimately help in the reduction of your inventory costs, as the processes become effectively faster and more accurate than ever. Automation and smooth processes is a challenge in every industry, but could potentially save millions of dollars per years.

What it means for manufactures

  • Access local and international buyers
  • Meet compliance with local and international government agencies.
  • Registration forms
  • Representation in every negotiation.

What it means for Distributors

  • Accurate RFI and faster access to the right suppliers
  • Full sourcing with certified and verified trade manufacturers.
  • Compete follow up on distributor’s RFT, sampling processes and quotations.
  • Product customization and private labels availability.
  • Mitigate risk for faster purchasing decision.
  • Access to market data and much more

Next Steps…

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