Get insight and allocate the demand in your tier. In this era of automation, information is vital to improve the procurement cycle.. We cover area for projects in hospital/clinics, most walk-in traffic, points of interest location for all Smart City development projects.

Our thoughtful MGD projects use third-party data mapping services because is essential for the logistics of our projects to initiate and facilitate inference and prognosis of location’s development whenever permitted, it will allow factual city data governance to develop.

MGD focuses in modeling strategies for Smart City projects by organizing the distribution of data information for productive digitalization of the location.

Who are the beneficiaries?

Municipalities: Data governance is essentially the starting point for allocation of resources for every municipality. It can reduce costs greatly and improve spending for sustainable projects.

Members of the Community: By improving the allocation of the resources the municipality, the community will have more access to services, better preparedness in times of crisis; and up to date access to the information about their municipality spending, budget and allocation as well as better visibility of specific data concerning all the activities and usage of services in the community.

Business Owners : Even though most small to medium size businesses have experienced a profond need to change, adapting to the new technological settings can improve dramatically the way all businesses operate in the community. It will improve the value chain and will create a dynamic interconnectivity among people in the community and the workers that will override every negative aspect of the transition in its effort to making digitized operational activities. Improving costs of operations, costs of delivery and many fixed costs are many of the positive aspects of adapting to the new technological setting.

MGD studies the feasibility of alternative value of city data and how the data can be interpreted for city connectivity to create projects and locate accordingly the true demand by several important sectors and their value chain. The projects are customized for the municipality and it can benefit and create impactful changes in how to distribute products and services and avoid misallocations effectively. Businesses and public sector can benefit by gaining market insight in their locality; while increasing predictability of demand and allows the path towards data governance and evolving into Smart City development .

We are one step away from developing a first phase in techno-economics to launch growth and contribute to the development of green supply chain by improving optimum distribution of resources,

We think about how your town or municipality can improve the lives of all their residents and that’s our main focus.

Help us find your community’s true demand; it could simplify your procurement and reduce costs; and it could change the cycle anywhere to increase productivity by adding your business to our list

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Manufactures in Local Areas

A solution for local manufacturers, trading partners or direct manufacturing could allocate better their production and services. Every project offers an opportunity for direct market insight and drive efforts toward sustainability by becoming data driven in the specific industry of interest.

Procurement for Smart Cities

Gain dynamic information to access local commerce movement, healthcare center traffic, other points of interest; all from the local market of a Smart City project. MGD requires simple data projection to assist into building digital weaving systems to interconnect the value chain and for robust productive AI in municipalities wanting to attain evergreen status and help the supply chain for the businesses in the municipality. For this, is of important priority to understand demand by sector so bidding can satisfy procurement in Smart Cities.

Work with us in cross-collaborating to fulfill a future of data driven productive locations. for a greener and sustainable solution.

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Rethink The Supply Chain

A new advanced market is taking place in the supply chain of every industry, unsophisticated processes are being implemented to harness the future of our technological changes of the time. Today there’s a tendency to focused in centralized sectors creating an overly autonomous and isolated economies rather than working toward interconnectivity among the main streams of traditional economic gear. Cross-agency collaboration between suppliers, distributors in the market and regulatory organizations must work together to give access to more market opportunities to fulfill growing demands in the distribution of goods and services for the main industries.

What the future of Sustainability in Smart Cities could mean for distributors of goods and services.
  • Accuracy for surplus allocation by faster access to insightful information in different sectors and markets.
  • Collaborate in the development of greener cities by accessing local needs to allocate services and attend needs.
  • Mitigate risk by screening bids awarded and for faster decision making.
  • Access to market data and much more

What it means for Green Businesses in Smart City Development

  • Access information accurately of local traffic in the different markets and points of interest offered for each future project.
  • Understand purchasing habits in specific market. Improve your analytics to understand the growing needs in the area, the market behavior and most importantly the true demand in a given sector of population.
  • Participate in the project of your preference by attending as a supplier for the market reach we offer in different future global projects.
  • Participate in the democratization of consumers goods and services to promote green supply chain..We start in the value chain by collecting evidence of true demand in critical areas such as Healthcare, Commerce, and demographic cohorts density. .
  • Business pledge while contributing in the development of sustainable city projects. Simple plans for participation might be available.
  • PR for software organizations in different projects can be deployable while it provides solutions for complex supply chain end points.
How Blockchain impacts your business

The Blockchain today is advancing and wants to provide many different industries the most needed security, efficiency and scalability for future ,market placement. Not embracing these changes, will certainly impact every economy and weaken it, affecting many industries, creating setbacks in future market shares, sustainability and scalability.

The blockchain offers a faster and safer contract solution by using a tokenized transactions to safely interconnect the entire industry, From the way we manage our procurement and interact with our supplier’s supplier, how we participate in every governmental processes to allow safety in the international trades, and all the way to the end customer of healthcare around the globe; blockchain technology sits at the backbone of future automation.

Our global need for better quality, becomes at the same time an environmental challenge. While the need for sustainability becomes also a costly challenge if we don’t implement this changes in the way we procure.

Next Steps…

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